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Food Certification

We assure you that the food you order is certified by food agencies that ensures what gets delivered to you is safe and healthy

Hygienically Prepared Food

We adhere to food safety guidelines for handling and preparation of food, an assurance that every time you order our delectable food, you are sure to receive safely and hygienically handled and prepared goodness!

Safe and sealed food packaging

Cooked food gets instantly seal packaged to ensure no contamination as well as assurance of freshness and aroma in your order.

Contact-less Delivery

We strive to have minimum human interaction and handling when it comes to your order. We adhere to social distancing norms and all Covid-19 guidelines issued by competent authorities.

Properly cooked food

Our delicious goodness is carefully cooked to perfection at the right temperature, to ensure that what you order is nothing but pure pleasure!

Food preserved at right temperature

Right through the procurement of raw materials as well as storage of other items, we make sure that it is at the right temperature so that nothing comes between you and you scrumptious food!

Safe water and raw material

We only use filtered safe potable water for all our cooking, including raw material which is hygienically cleaned and stored, to give you the safest, healthiest and most delicious food!


We bring to you the gold standard in food certification! Our food is HACCP-certified, which means that right from our sourcing to cooking, we follow internationally accepted techniques for preventing any contamination along the food supply chain. What does that mean? You get certified delicious and healthy food always!

WHO Food safety norms compliant

The World Health Organization has drafted guidelines for safe handling, cooking and delivery of food to ensure safe production and consumption. We follow every WHO guideline on safe handling of food to ensure zero contamination and 100% goodness in your order. Always.

Eat Hygienic Food

Safe food Always.

Hygiene and Safety of Food as per WHO Guidelines.

Claim uo to 100 Hygiene Food Points

Wear masks at all times.

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